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PvP Dagger
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Kingslayer Offline
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PvP Dagger 09-03-2017, 12:43 PM    #1

(PvP) Dagger isnt working,
Critical DmG isnt working.
Dual daggers/Single Dagger have the same dmg
(low difference since the p attack is different).
The dmg on single dagger should be like 1/3 more.

Increases P. Atk. by 1000 during a critical attack. Increases damage inflicted during PvP. During an attack, it has a chance of canceling a target's enhanced status by more than 1, or to decrease a target's Shield Defense.

Shiled defence ignore is working as a debuff (tested).
PvP cancel buff is working 1 on 11(tested).
Also Isnt Canceling a random buff but canceling the last buff.
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