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Guide to making Adena on L2Idle
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Extasty Offline
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Guide to making Adena on L2Idle 11-17-2017, 05:11 PM    #1

I will give you tips on how as a new player you can make adena to start your journey here, L2Idle obviously isnt a normal server, its a bot server. So of course you might think its easy to farm adena from mobs and yes, it is. There are also other ways to maximize your adena income.

Vote Coins.
If you just joined and dont have but 100k adena, a quick way to make a few million is to vote and sell the coin(I've seen shops ranging from 50kk-100kk).
Go to the homepage and vote on the sites to the left and type .getreward ingame, you can also get other rewards with the vote coins.
If you have money to spend you can do the same with Donation Coins, sell them, most elder players will pay high for them.

Join Events.
Joining the events, if youre a newbie you can join Thunt, Chests and Hunting Grounds. You can earn medals from these events and sell them to other players. A typical price right now seems to be around 500-900k each. Some events you can earn 75-100 medals, so do the math. Pretty good adena for a new player. Some events also reward a small amount of adena
Treasure Hunt rewards some adena per chest, around 200k each. See OL's thread - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Sell to NPC, Spoils.
Have a dwarf or two or ten out in the world spoiling key mats, weapon pieces especially sell to NPC's for the highest amount of adena. I always have 2 dwarfs out spoiling just to sell the loot(such as low s-grade weapons pieces from FoG/etc.) Always stay spoiling..

Farm Big.
If you have a good sized bot party, 6-9 is good. You should try to farm party zones, such as Antharas Lair, Seed of Annihaltion, these are best areas to get adena mob drops, and of course good loot to keep/sell.

7RB Spam.
If youre new and making a bunch of characters/bot, never skip the 7RB quest to get a free vesper weapon. Of course you will keep your weapon if you are new, but you can also make alts to run this quest over and over.(once per character). So doing the vesper weapon quest "Legendary Tales" to get vesper weapons is another way to make adena. Sell weapons, try to enchant them to sell for more, whatever.

Market Gambling.
This would be hard for a newbie, but if you play here and study the market you can catch people selling things really cheap then ty to resell it for a high price. This is done on almost all servers and its a bit of a challenge here because botting is allowed so a lot of people don't buy items they craft or farm them. Vorpal, Epics, Enchants, Medals, Vote/Donate Coins seem to be the best sellers.
Moirai armors and Vesper weapons are very easy to get, so dont waste time with them.

Of course if you made a crafter, you can also make adena by selling vesper/dynasty armors masterwork chance is high on Idle(30% I believe). People will buy masterwork armors pretty quick. You can also try to sell high grade materials for lazy people who dont make their own crafter.
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RE: Guide to making Adena on L2Idle 11-17-2017, 08:08 PM    #2

nice guide for newbies good job
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RE: Guide to making Adena on L2Idle 11-17-2017, 10:55 PM    #3

Very nice guide. Thanks for the post. Smile
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RE: Guide to making Adena on L2Idle 11-18-2017, 04:47 PM    #4

I mainly try to farm full drops from anywhere and try to sell them, if I dont sell them to people I will NPC it if im desperate for adena.

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